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Gaytah comic strips were made in a neat design to encourage readers to collect it! Each strip comes with its own title and unique random quote. Strips in different languages have different colors in the background, and every 4 months you also get a special strip with two cameos of characters of other artists! You can also find related artwork, character studies, sketches and much more in the gallery of all the contributors — even you can contribute to the collection by submitting your fan art!

Gaytah is a result of passion and dedication. You can find all the strips for free in Mindark's and Vagner's gallery (links on the top right corner of the page). There are no ads in this page too, so you may be asking yourself how we make money from this. The short answer is "we don't." We want to share an entertaining story with you guys! We hope, however, that more people get to know our work, thus increasing our chances of Mindark getting art commissions, and of Vagner finding people interested in buying his books! That's why we ask you to share, repost, print, send it to friends and whoever you think may like the comic or do whatever else you can imagine! As long as you don't alter the original contents (derived works are fine), you are free to do whatever you want with it. Post it in your blog or your gallery, even in your zine! We sure went the extra mile doing this for you guys, and we hope you can do the same for us too. Thank you!

Each new strip comes with a new set of icons! Collect them before they are replaced by new ones in the next month! You can also use them as your avatar or for anything else you'd want. You can also choose from any of the icons automatically when you're sharing the link of the page on Facebook, so use this as an excuse to let your friends know of the comic every single month — with a different (and funny!) icon! Chek this month's icons below:

Aracê Kanhembora is a 25 year old cheetah. Concerned about his own sexuality after his father comes out of the closet, he consults with a specialist, and disastrously funny situations ensue!
     The name “Gaytah” is an adaptation of a play on the brazilian word for cheetah, “guepardo.” The way it is pronounced sounds like “gay”pardo with a mute y. Since "pardo" by itself means “tawny,” the new word still made sense and soon caught on as a clever title for the memorable first strip in which Aracê finds out about his homosexuality in a rather hilarious way.

Every month a blank gaytah strip will be released so you can write your own version of the story — or translate it to your own language without our supervision! You can find the blank strips by clicking here.
     We're still making official versions of the strip in other languages, but since requests have been too low, we figured it would be better to just let people translate it themselves without any sort of quality control through the blank strips with gray background. Those are completely free to edit and share (as long as you don't remove the copyright notices — remember, we're working hard to deliver quality free comic strips, the least you can do is credit the original artists and help spread the word about our work!) and, again, you don't need to ask for permission, it is already granted!
     If your translation of the strip becomes quite popular, you can request an official version. This version has its own background color (for instance, Brazilian Portuguese is green, Chinese is blue, etc) and is also available in Vagner's gallery as canon strips — thus making it more valuable for collecting!
     Requesting for an official version is as simple as telling your friends to leave a comment in the first strip of the series with the language they'd like to see it in. Twenty different comments asking for the same language shall be enough for us to take the time to come up with an exclusive version. Remember to leave a comment there yourself letting us know you're going to provide us with the translated text! ;)